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Random Media

Diver welder in the tank

Lanyarded tools

Safety and warning posters at construction site

Diver wet welding

Diver welder running practice beads in the test tank

Stack of tubular steel cantilever supports for tilt walls.


Diver with a cleaned section of a horizontal behind him.

Tig Welder in drypot

Three-legged platform salvaged from the GOM oilfields and waiting for refurb at a fab yard in POI, L

Liftboat with gangway deployed

Main living chamber of saturation complex

Shane Eads walking on water

Burning School

Rebar skeleton, simple

Soldering skills

Putting down another pass on a structural brace offshore in the GOM

Diver welder

Diver returning to the vessel

Diver Man Riding Basket

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