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Diver welder working on platform in the GOM oilfield

Water entry

Large thrusters with marine growth

Auger bit in dirt

Water entry

Subsea selfie

Detail of chipping hammers with lanyards

Crane lifting wall into place

Qualifying in the test tank

Loading Transfer Barge

Derrick barge in the GOM. Newly placed platform is about to get piles driven.

Front-end loader with fork attachment carrying pipe junction

Hat Maintenence

Hatting up in the GOM

Crane from the side, looking upward

Burning Hot

Shane Eads walking on water

Subsea quarter turn valve moused with stainless steel wire

View up into SDC

Burning School Scraps

5 five gallon buckets of Leg Grease surround the leg well of the stern leg of a liftboat.

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