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Random Media

Electrical room

Diver welder in test tank

Diver Down sign placed on the diving vessel main engine air start lever

Wet welding diver

Miserable Magging

Derrick barge in the GOM. Newly placed platform is about to get piles driven.

Edge view of tilt wall showing buttress supports

Commercial Diver

Bulk Carrier at sunset

Leaving the vessel

ST-21 Field in the GOM

Liftboat with gangway deployed

Kirby Gas Hat

Internal and external structure

Burning anchor wire off winch drum with Broco underwater burning torch.

Crooked Oil Platform

Colorful pipes in the ceiling...just kidding...

Burning School - Burning By Touch

Diver in the training tank, burning rings off a casing.

Salvage Barge

Sprinklers made up on-site. Orange shipping blocks protect trigger mechanism.

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