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Diver welder in test tank

Water entry



Leaking subsea natural gas pipeline

Diver at Bulk Carrier propellor

Crane raising tilt wall

Glaziers installing external window panels

Exiting the wet welding tank at Global's yard in New Iberia, Port of Iberia in background

Salvage Barge

Diver in the GOM

Curved tilt wall building with steel supports

Concrete tile wall interior lattice

Confined Space

Diver welder working on platform in the GOM oilfield

Buttress detail with crane behind

Raised walls and buttresses in place

Mag Particles showing an indication (it's a crack to anyone else)

Construction boneyard

Commercial Diver

Tilt wall building with sun flare sunrise

Looking down

Looking down

Welded addition of brace to platform

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