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Random Media

Ladder looking up

Diver in the training tank, burning rings off a casing.

Large dia concrete water line

Diver welder working on platform in the GOM oilfield

Diver with a cleaned section of a horizontal behind him.

Platform repair

Sunrise in the patch

The start of a concrete support

Commercial Diver

HVAC Roof Top Unit

Construction site at dusk

Raising a hopper barge in the Mississippi river

Hooking up a dive hat

Hull cleaning in Brazil with hydraulic buffer

Glaziers installing external window panels

Habitat umbilical in front of welding crew

Get up on the Diver

Diver welding structural addition to platform

Jackets in the fab yard

About to strike an arc

Wash out area

Cutting pile during platform salvage.

SL27 waiting to get wet

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